Frightmare Manor

You have found Frightmare Manor - THE Money Back Haunt® - and 5 Attraction Screampark. Frightmare Manor returns in 2014 to continue to expose the dark secrets hidden within this historic, blood-soaked property of Tennessee serial killer - Jeremiah Lexer. Repeatedly named the #1 Haunted Attraction by the Knoxville News Media and featured in National Haunted House Magazines, Frightmare Manor is the ultimate, authentic Haunted Attraction experience, found on the outskirts of Knoxville in sleepy Morristown, TN. Frightmare Manor features high tech animatronics, professional special effects, and countless psychotic and demented souls determined to bring TRUE TERROR to your final moments...

Located on the abandoned Jeremiah Lexer plantation, Frightmare Manor spans 20 acres, offers 3 independent, walk thru, Haunted Attractions on site, boasts a heart-pounding Free-Fall Attraction unlike anything you've ever seen in the "Lexer Jump", and features the Nationally Recognized Nightmare at Frightmare Challenge. If all 5 Attractions are successfully completed, you WILL get your money back. You’ve been warned – TRUE TERROR EXISTS HERE.

Dare Yourself, Double Dare Your Friends…



FrightMare Manor Haunted Attraction The Manor has been completely redesigned and updated for 2013. Spanning 2 floors, this attraction is set in the original plantation house of American Serial Killer Jeremiah Lexer and his family. Many of the artifacts and items seen within the Manor are original. The burnt out fireplaces, playful writings on the wall from his grandchildren, and even ax-blade marked walls, remain as they were left in 1902. You will descend the very staircase Lexer walked up before committing suicide after his final rampage of murders. This is not a fake Haunted Attraction. You are stepping back in time and seeing inside the home and mind of one of America’s earliest known serial killers – Be mindful of your surroundings and don’t let go of your friends because NO ONE can hear you scream once inside Frightmare Manor - True Terror Exists Here.

Night Harvest – This authentic wooded environment casts you deep into the dark shadows of the once-forgotten, abandoned Lexer body farm. Lexer had a disturbing name for the process of removing the cold, lifeless corpses and disposing of them in such a way to remain undetected. He would violently drag them under the cloak of darkness to the back of the property to specific areas for disposal– he labeled this act in his manifesto as the “Night Harvest”. This thick-brushed, wooded area at the back of the plantation wreaks of decomposed flesh and marks where the majority of Lexer’s 31 dismembered victims were unearthed in July of 1902. Records show Lexer hacked his victims into dozens of pieces to prevent identification ; he then spread the remains throughout this “valley of death” during his Night Harvest. Remnants of bodies and proof of small structures continue to be uncovered despite over 100 years of neglect and decomposition. Jeremiah Lexer was a serial killer of deadly disguise, an agent of True Terror, an extractor of fear and a heartless, methodical engineer of death.

Legend says that these dark woods hold all the final-moment phobias of his victims and continues to capture and exploit the fears of all those who enter today. New for 2014, victims will enter through the original cabin, where skins of animals and humans alike were hung by Lexer for drainage. Still standing today and guarding the entrance of Night Harvest, this original cabin is listed (along with the Manor) on the Hamblen County Historical Preservation List and even today smells of gut-wrenching death. No amount of nervous laughter can help you for you are walking on top of and amongst death at every turn. Enter this cabin and you will begin to see, feel, touch, smell and experience for yourself the Jeremiah Lexer Night Harvest.

This enormous barn-structure is a labyrinth of fear, torture, desperation and slaughter, dripping with innocent blood. Jeremiah Lexer was not only a ruthless serial killer but remnants show a heartless and inhumane torturer who was fascinated with controlling human emotions and seeing the True Terror of their soul. Some of his more fortunate victims met death quickly but the majority were put through unspeakable acts of suffering including electrocution, skin removal, acid baths, being locked in bone-crushingly small cages, amputations, bleed-out death by multiple tiny cuts, being eaten alive by starving animals and countless other tactics... Lexer was obsessed with being in control and seeing people break. He was also obsessed with blood, as was described within his writings, going as far as to ensure every wall within this structure be a contrasting white. As stated in the Lexer Manifesto, “White captures the blood distinctly and will remember each unique splatter”. Screaming bodies were dragged into these walls 112 years ago with no one ever emerging alive. Lexer’s torturous tactics and experiments pitted his victims against one another. Most within these walls were transformed into cannibalistic flesh-eating humans where only the luckiest would die quickly.

This intimidating structure was rebuilt to the exact specifications of the original Lexer blueprints found within the Manor by Sheriff Hays on July 5th, 1902. The evil, master plan of Jeremiah Lexer is now available for viewing within the Hamblen County Archives. Prepare yourself as the mangled, tortured spirits of the countless Lexer victims return for vengeance on anyone within these blood-stained walls. Experience your worst nightmares and discover your own phobias within these walls. “They will beg for death” – Frightmare Phobia.

On July 5, 1902, records show that Jeremiah Lexer brutally murdered his family on these very grounds. He then lept to his death from the 2nd floor window of what is today the entrance to the Manor Attraction. This Fall, experience for yourself the "True Terror" of his suicidal leap as Frightmare Manor presents "The Lexer Jump". The Lexer Jump is a heartpounding Attraction unlike anything you've ever experienced and will leave you screaming for more. Victims will ascend to a height of their choice, approach a ledge, and then leap into the darkness, plummeting back to Earth - with no wires and no harness. This is a must-do Attraction when visiting Frightmare Manor.


The Nightmare at Frightmare Attraction is what makes Frightmare Manor the most talked about Haunted Attraction in Tennessee, if not the Southeast. This attraction is not for the faint of heart. You must be 18 years old and sign a detailed release form. There is an additional charge for this attraction but if you successfully complete it, you get ALL your money back! Friends or family members can watch your attempt at the Challenge for $5.00. Some say it’s the best $5.00 they’ve ever spent… For more information, click the “Nightmare” link above.