“Silence now you animals. Inhale…Exhale the Mist.” – Jeremiah Lexer, 1901 Lexer Manifesto
This enormous barn-structure is a labyrinth of Fear, Torture, Desperation and Slaughter that literally drips with innocent blood. Every Fall, a different section of this kill-structure is highlighted and unsealed for the public to feel firsthand the actual, gruesome secrets of its historic past. For 2017, Frightmare Rage reveals the cavities of the barn where Lexer would segregate and then “gas” his victims – sending them into a hyper-sensitive, psychotic state of intense paranoia. This chemically induced paranoia would eat away at their minds while accentuating and exposing their own fears. The “Mist” of the Rage was designed to circulate through the victim’s lungs where the vapors would cling to the inner walls and immediately be absorbed into the bloodstream – sending victims into a psychotic Rage. Lexer experimented with different chemical serums to break-down their minds and transform them into animalistic, flesh-eating creatures. . Jeremiah Lexer was not only a ruthless serial killer but remnants show that he was obsessed with being in control and seeing people break. Lexer’s torturous tactics and “Rage” experiments pitted his victims against one another. Most within these walls were transformed into cannibalistic flesh-eating humans where only the luckiest would be eaten quickly.

This intimidating structure was rebuilt to the exact specifications of the original Lexer blueprints found within the Manor by Sheriff Hays on July 5th, 1902. The evil, master plan of Jeremiah Lexer is now available for viewing upon request within the Hamblen County Archives. Prepare yourself as the enRaged, tortured spirits of the countless Lexer victims return for vengeance on anyone within these blood-stained chambers. Experience your worst nightmares and inhale your greatest fears but whatever happens, “Don’t breathe the Mist.” – Frightmare Rage.