Nightmare at Frightmare Challenge


Nightmare at Frightmare Challenge The NIGHTMARE AT FRIGHTMARE CHALLENGE is what makes FRIGHTMARE MANOR the most controversial haunted attraction in Tennessee. You will sign a release form. You will face your worst nightmares. You will be scared. For some it lasts about 20 minutes, for others, a lifetime… Want more hints? You must :

  • 1. Eat Something
  • 2. Drink Something
  • 3. Do Something

If you face your Nightmares and survive….

  • 1. You get ALL your money back!
  • 2. Your picture is put on the “Survivor Wall” on our website for all to see and admire!
  • 3. Friends, family, and staff will cheer for you!

What happens if you chicken out?

  • 1. You are immediately escorted out.
  • 2. Your photo is etched in our memory for failure.
  • 3. You hang your head in shame…

The NIGHTMARE AT FRIGHTMARE CHALLENGE is not an impossible task. However, it will take extreme guts, determination and self-control. But if you make it, you will be known as one of the few brave souls to have faced their NIGHTMARE AT FRIGHTMARE and survived! We charge $15.00 to operate NIGHTMARE AT FRIGHTMARE to cover the operational expenses.

But if you’re brave enough, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll get your money back anyway, right? You will sign a release form and you must be 18 or older. You will need to wear clothes you dont mind getting dirty….So, you think you can make it? We’ll see….