Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Lexer Jump?

A. The Lexer Jump is a heart-pounding Free Fall Experience that imitates the suicidal leap of Jeremiah Lexer on this very property. This Fall, victims will climb over 20 feet high and take the plunge into nothing but darkness and air. It is an absolute must-do, adrenaline-rushing Attraction unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Q. Are the attractions closed if it's raining, or has rained today?

A. No. We will NOT close due to rain. We have found the rain only adds to the atmosphere. Please see the calendar for our open dates.

Q. I came to Frightmare Manor last year, is there anything new?

A. Yes! If you’ve been to Frightmare Manor the past few years, you know how much changes firsthand! Our crew works year-round to transform the Jeremiah Lexer Plantation into a Terrifying, All-New Experience every year for our victims!

Q. Can I take photo/video within the haunts?

A. No, unless given express permission in advance.

Q. What do you sell on site at Frightmare Manor?

A. We sell food, candy, and drinks. We also sell custom FM items including shirts, sweatshirts, shot glasses, bags, souvenir cups and more!

Q. If I get too scared, can I get a refund?

A. No. There will be no refunds given for any reason, online or on site. But it sounds like you got your money’s worth to us…

Q. What is the VIP Frightpass?

A. Purchase of the VIP Frightpass gives you front of the line access to all 3 haunted attractions on site resulting in a minimal wait time.

Q. Will I get a ticket if I'm in the ticket booth line at closing time?

A. Yes. If you are in the ticket booth line at closing time, you WILL be able to purchase a ticket. All attractions stay open until the final victim is slaughtered or escapes.